The most modern clubs in Poland use SportsArt

The fact our machines are to be found in the most prestigious clubs is not a coincidence. In November 2016 we will have equipped the most modern Calypso fitness club in Poland located in Warsaw Spire, the most reputable building in Poland. Being renowned itself, SportsArt equipment has been chosen to furnish the club. As a standard feature the equipment works in the Eco-Powr™ technology that recuperates electrical energy from users workout. Additionally however, machines dedicated to work in Warsaw Spire have been equipped with SAWELL + application of the second generation that features an automatic work management and workout data storage.

Calypso Fitness is the biggest in Poland chain with a large, more than a 20 years experience. Calypso has been continuously developing and now is in a possession of 37 clubs. The chain has trusted SportsArt when opened its first club in 1997 and ever since has been using SportsArt equipment.

Moreover, in our portfolio you will find other, also experienced fitness club chains that after some time has switched its equipment supplier to SportsArt.

  • Platinium Fitness - Prestigious chain in Krakow of 15 clubs
  • Fitness Academy - Fitness chain from Wrocław of 13 clubs.
  • Smart Gym - Fast growing chain of self service clubs of 8 clubs
  • Fabryka Formy - Fitness chain from Poznan of 15 clubs
  • Zdrofit - A chain from Warsaw of 11 clubs
  • Saturn Fitness - A chain from Warsaw of 3 clubs
  • Egurrola Fitness - Prestigious chain of 15 clubs for women

Among our customers there are a lot of single clubs very successful in Poland. We are very grateful to our customers for their trust and cooperation.

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