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According to statistics more and more people take care about environment that surrounds us. For some clients whether your hotel is environmentally friendly or not will be a crucial factor. It is for those people that we have created an electricity recovering ECO-POWR series.

ECO POWR machines use an inbuilt micro inverter that changes a kinetic energy into an electrical energy. This energy is then delivered into the hotel's power grid. In such a way the hotel has more energy to power up the remaining devices.

Frequently the quality of the hotel gym is the main factor of whether to stay at this particular hotel or not. SportsArt devices give your customers high quality, security and an easy to use equipment which is a key element in non supervised hotel gyms.

Not only will we deliver the equipment but also we will help you create a special sports atmosphere. We will design your gym, will help you pick proper devices and will help you choose a business model.

room of about 25m2

- Small hotels or guesthouses.
- Professional cardio unlimited hours.
- Marketing package
- The value of the equipment does not exceed 9 750 €

room of about 40m2

- Small and medium-sized hotels
- Professional cardio training and the ability of most muscle groups by using a two-functional devices.
- Marketing package
- The value of the equipment does not exceed 18 800 €

room of about 85m2

sala ok. 85 m2
- Large hotels
- Room can be also available for customers outside the hotel
- Professional cardio and strength training
- Marketing package
- The value of the equipment does not exceed 36 400 €

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