SportsArt has been a part of fitness industry for over 30 years, it has its representatives in 80 countries all over the world. Located in Taiwan, the factory is one of the most ultra modern in the world. Not only does it have a huge, robotized production facility but it also has and automised warehouse of spare parts that fits more than 4000 pallets. SportsArt engineers construct all the sub assemblies for the devices. Some of them, like incline motors that are able to lift the weight of 600 kg, are produced also for other fitness producers. - see Factory Tour movie

Being an exclusive representative, IMG has been operating in Poland for 18 years now. We have equipped more than 500 gyms ever since that made us a leading fitness device supplier. The total of SportsArt machines in Poland is now exceeding 6 000 pieces.

The biggest chain gyms in Poland are buying our products. We have been the main supplier for Calypso Fitness chain, Total Fitness, Zdrofit, Fabryka Formy, Energym, Saturn Fitness and Egurrola Fitness Club. Polish fire fighters and Polish army soldiers of more than 200 most prestigious army units are trained on our devices.

We deliver a full customer service: beginning with a design, through equipment delivery, staff training, to fast and cheap service. For all our customers we offer marketing and investing support.

Equipped with a great amount of knowledge and ready to gain more, in 2014 we opened our third office in Bucharest. We will do our best to fulfill our Romanian customers' expectations. According to Sopot poll opinion institute PBS DGA done in 2009, almost 100% of IMG clients are happy clients. We are really grateful for the trust.

Thank you all for choosing SportsArt

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