ECO-POWR™ is the latest technology in the fitness world.

Simply speaking: kinetic energy, which is produced by people exercising in a fitness club via ECO-POWR™ machines, is turned into electric energy. Then, it is inducted with the aid of special micro inverts into interior electric installation.

The system doesn’t need any set of batteries because electric energy isn’t accumulated but it is used directly by the machines currently functioning in the club. This way, we can power TVs, fridges, lightning and saunas. Everything depends on the amount of ECO-POWR™ machines and their exploitation by the club members.

With the usage of 16 ECO-POWR™ machines, the club can regain (produce) even 22 kWh a day (Such energy can power the following devices – see the table).

However, this amount of regained power may seem insufficient from business point of view. That is why, as a manager of a fitness club it is important to acknowledge what, apart from power itself, you can gain?

Healthy lifestyle isn’t only about nourishment and exercising. Society’s ecological awareness is raising every year. According to some statistics it reaches over the level of 10%. Every ten Pole segregates rubbish, saves energy and water and chooses products and services which doesn’t spoil or have less impact on our environment. Why is it significant for You?

Well, if we assume that 3 similar fitness clubs are situated in the same area, for 10 clients out of a hundred, it will matter while choosing a club, whether any of them is ECO or not. This way Your fitness club can gain 10% more clients than rivalry clubs. Even if, only 50 clients every year decide to attend Your club for ecological reasons, the club’s income raises over dozens of thousands zlotys.

Of course using ECO-POWR™ machines isn’t enough to become an ECO club. The whole philosophy involves segregating rubbish, saving water etc. You can find more matters on the subject on the site

 Number of devicesSingle power unitEnergy consumed during 12h of work
2 air conditioners1200 watt12 KWh
2 large refrigerators200 watt2 KWh
4 LED 40" TV's25 watt1,2 KWh
2 computers with scaner and printer65 watt1,6 KWh
40 bulbs 10 watt4,8 KWh
The total number of KWh per day21,6 KWh

Devices in ECO-POWR™ version

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