"Toughmill" T675 TREADMILL


T675 is the latest flagship SportsArt model. It features the strongest in its class engine, very hard and durable frame of elliptical shape. Like all SportsArt treadmills it is equipped with the strongest and most energy saving motors in the world. Its max power peaks at 8 HP, the average power is 5 HP. What is interesting it consumes 35% electricity less than electric engines found in other commercial treadmills. Thanks to a low starting speed – 0,2 km/h and elastomer cushioning the treadmill may be used in rehab centers or by professional athletes – max speed of 24 km/h. It is extremely easy to use and does not require external staff control. It is self-controlling and self-maintaining. The treadmill itself informs the service crew or the staff about defects, its working hours, mileage or sends other information. 


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